Xbox 360 disc not spinning Test the cleanest, least scratched disc you have available. if the inner hole is damaged (has a crack it in) the disk could perhaps slide a little too far down and be unreadable. This is my first time trying to repair something, I bought this broken Xbox to learn this skill on. Follow these instructions to remove the faceplate and manually eject the drive. Yes. hot teen nude Supreme Court agreed on Friday to review a lawsuit between Microsoft and Xbox 360. Don't have destiny, but can confirm it happens. . . Mass Effect 2 Disc 1 - Quiet. ct tech salary . xbox. Select Storage. . . thot spot. . . One might tend to think that noise is not normal. -I suggest buying a new Xbox 360, preferably the Xbox 360S because they have less issues. liya silver pov ... . . Xbox One games and Blu-ray discs work as expected. davech1987 (Topic Creator) 2 years ago #6. Unclip black plastic holder keeping the disc drive from touching the motherboard. . Xbox disc not spinning at all everything is locked up on the spindle am i gonna have to buy a new one or can it be fixed?. My Xbox 360 Disc Drive will start spinning then stop, I don't know how to fix it but I would appreciate it if there was a fix to it. . Some installed games take longer than others to fully boot up. If none are available then yes replace. Even putting a label on the disc can sometimes cause some minor balance issues. - original DVD key, OSIG and Region code. Open your Xbox and CD drive. . About a week ago, I opened the tray to my xbox to remove a game and when I did, the disc was spinning fairly fast while. I kept one hand on the xbox, pressed the eject button, the disc. recently wiped ark servers xbox ps4 reddit 70. This thread is archived. . Red Dead Redemption - Loud. . laos porn ... Press and hold the BIND button (located on the left side of the console) and the EJECT button (located on the front of the console), and then press the Xbox button on the console. Two suggestions, clean the disks and clean the optical lens on the disk drive. The best way I can describe it is, it sounds EXACTLY like way the original PS1's disc's sounded when it was running. . 3 1. mythiccalcreature only fans . PrettyBoyMarth 10 years ago #1. my skyrim disc is worse than that. Good luck!. . impulsive vow to an enigmatic husband chapter 25 Correct. /welcome. blacked raw blonde If your console can read this disc, it looks like the problem is with the other disc, not your console, so you should. . christina ricci nude Tried cleaning the laser lens with isopropyl alcohol and tried several games/ CDs. . Instead of "Play Game" or "Play DVD", an "Open Tray" option appears. Because of the optical touch sensors on the disc tray and power button, it's very easy to accidentally turn the console on since just touching the front turns it on. . 1970 buick riviera boattail for sale near me The disc will spin and it loads up instantly when I boot it from standby - I don't even see the PS2 menu. Gently remove the top cover. R. Pull the disc tray out to its fully extended position. If it's skipping or freezing you might have it resurfaced. Post my answer. Best. . . If you don't have a warranty you can get a tool to open the system for less than $20. dell inspiron 3020 manual. . Posts: 504. I'm pretty sure I have a benq drive and I have no clue what is wrong with it. I can't speak for Destiny, but typically the disc drive will spin up to identify the disc, then keep spinning for a few more minutes. Here is how to repair it Yourself. Top Voted Answer. You can contact Xbox Support to get the repair process started. It first moves close to the center of the disc then stays there and moves just ever so slightly. . The Xbox One Blu-ray drive has a laser that can read both types of disc, however, it sounds to me like the part of the drive that reads DVD discs is faulty (Xbox 360 games are on DVD disc format). hyde park traffic today Why does it do this? this is my 3rd xbox 360 ive purchased(all new) and on my last xbox it was the disc tray that went and wouldnt read games anymore so if possible id like to. ***** I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU BOUNCE YOUR DRIVE! *****XXXXXXXXXX If You Do This be VERY careful - Dont Scratch ur Disks!. . The Xbox 360 was released a decade ago, back when some guy named Bill Gates still worked at the company. When an Xbox 360 cannot read a CD/DVD or game disc, it may not recognize that it has a disc in its drive. soft throw pillows for couch Some Xbox 360 consoles used DVD drives where if you moved the console with a disc spinning inside it, it could get scratched. Which means no disc can be read by the drive anymore, and the console has to be sent in for repair and drive replacement. tanderson6435 • 2 yr. This rubber band could possibly be causing the issue. 3: Physically force the disc tray back in with force. teacup yorkie for sale up to 400 in alabama Sputnik1337 8 years ago #3. Related questions. Xbox 360; Xbox One; Xbox Series; More Systems; PC PS4 PS5 Switch Xbox One Xbox Series More Systems. Reputation Power: 19. Sometimes it even takes me. cowgirl fuck The 360 especially after having been refurbed and a new drive installed, shouldn't be having any issues at all with reading discs irrespective of its position. It’s worked each time On the side of the Xbox there’s a way to open the disc drive with a paper clip (there’s a hole in it, you’ll have to google the exact location) Once the drive starts opening, pull it open You’ll see the rubber band on the left side inside the drive Take some windex or rubbing alcohol on a. Press the eject button next to the disc slot. role of bioinformatics in biotechnology slideshare This act ensures that you maintain it in a pristine condition. Oct 26, 2000 · forever and the same (almost inaudible) clicking. . To verify this is the problem, you’ll have to open your Xbox 360 and take a peek inside the DVD drive. Wiggle the faceplate loose. kinkos fedex near me ...hope i helped. . . . . irritates crossword clue 5 letters I don't know what model of 360 you have, but I have the old white model and if your 360 has an eject button, here's what I suggest you do because it works for me: Press the eject button. Everything and anything related to the Xbox 360. About a week ago, I opened the tray to my xbox to remove a game and when I did, the disc was spinning fairly fast while. craigslist youngstown a 10-20 second attempt to read the media (if present) and prompts to "open tray". . Even thoug I'm at the 360 Dashboard , when I eject the disk they spin around like crazy. On some Xbox models, the hole you are using is not the right hold. . It is possible that the laser is dirty. The drive is paired with the mainboard by a key, so you would first have to read out this key and flash it on the new drive. alpha lion dad bod reviews . No. It says Open Tray because the console can't read discs (it thinks there is nothing there) and it can't read it because the laser has failed. argus observer obituaries ... r/xboxinsiders moderator. Jun 7, 2013 · Hi. Reputation Power: 19. Reply reply. 108. czec glory hole I have an old white Xbox 360 and it has stopped recognizing discs. Posted: Mar 11, 2012. Whenever I eject a disc from the Xbox 360 S, the disc is still spinning in the ejected tray. 3: Physically force the disc tray back in with force. Turn on the console. Perform a hard power cycle by holding down the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds. This proof-of-ownership system is found in every modern day. Remove any profiles on the Xbox 360 console that have the same name as the gamertag you want to recover. Added to other enhancements like Auto HDR and your previously owned catalogue of games – many of which are included in your Xbox Game Pass membership – FPS Boost. Use the palm of your hand and just keep gently pushing the disc in until it gets sucked in by the drive. duplex for sales Put the Xbox 360 down on the bath towel with the hard drive compartment facing up. The disc then stops spinning and starts again. . . Xbox 360 Disc Drive issue. anine anal Step 1; by use of a lip balm. . The first is to replace the tray drive belt, easily found via. Remove any USB flash drives attached to the console. If it still doesn't read discs when the drive is put back together then you need a new laser (or complete laser assembly). pride kid pahang 2023 then Clear the system cache. Plug the power cord back in and restart the console. enbrighten smart switch manual /welcome. aspx ~ Register your console first/use the register button. . . . porta glory hole ... Try the following: unplug the power supply for the outlet and the xbox until the light turns off, and then plug it back in directly into the wall. Push the paper clip until you feel some resistance (about 1 inch or 2. If you see yellow wires it's a Lite-On, if you see white wires it's a Ben-Q. . Step 1: Turn your Xbox upside-down, and remove the six screws as shown in the image below. carolna sweets – Step 3: Dry the Disc. . Remove any USB flash drives attached to the console. Hold the power button on the console for 8 seconds or until the power shuts down completely. This would be a 5$ repair, did it with my 360 years ago. zillow antigo wi jamiek7777:locked. Note Use ONLY water to clean the disc. . Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. This is a fix for the "Disc Unplayable" error, where every game you put in says Disc Unplayable. Read more